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In this document, we publish our policy on the handling of evaluations. If you have purchased a product from us and would like to share your opinion about the product, its packaging, delivery, and the performance of the courier service with others and with us, you are free to do so, taking the following into account. 

After seven days from the delivery of the purchased product to the customer, our company will send the customer an e-mail with the link through which you can submit your written opinion about our service, e.g. about the product, the operation of the company, our repair service, courier service, packaging. Your comments are welcome, either in text or in stars (one to five). Please note that false ratings are prohibited. 

We only accept reviews and opinions from people who have actually purchased a product from us, who have an order fulfilled. The reviews we receive are processed on a weekly basis, they go through an internal moderation before they are uploaded to our website: we do not publish obscene remarks that may disparage us or other customers, they are deleted, but we also publish the remarks expressing the criticism as the positive feedback from customers who are completely satisfied with our service.

We do not shorten or rewrite the reviewes, but we do take into account any cultural differences when submitting ratings, so if the culture of the customer submitting the rating is the one star with the highest, best rating out of the five available, it will be evaluated in accordance with Hungarian standard and will be converted to five stars according to that system, and vice versa. Our system will receive customer reviews for 30 days after completing your order, so please do not delay much if you have an opinion.

The customer reviews published on our website are displayed in descending chronological order according to the time they were submitted (you can find the older reviews by scrolling down from the top). If you would like your previously submitted and published reviews and ratings to no longer be visible, please let us know at any of our contact details and we will comply with your request. 

Please note when submitting your opinion that this channel is not part of the customer service, so if the customer expects a response from us in writing, or you would like to make a complaint, please contact our costumer service at the contact details provided. (Complaints submitted as rewievs will, of course, be forwarded to our customer service trough our internal processes, who will of course contact the complainant, but this will certainly take more time than reporting their problem directly to our customer service).  


After every completed order we send our customers (in email) a voucher with a value of 2% of the total sum of the value of the goods in the completed order.

This voucher:

  • may be redeemed only once with the next order and only by the same customer within 3 months,
  • may not be transferred to another customer and can not be combined with other vouchers, 
  • has to be used during the checkout process (by entering the code in the given field), and
  • may not be exchanged to cash, spare parts or products that are not available on our website.

Please note that if the value of the order is lower than the value of the voucher, the total value of the voucher will be used.

This Moderation and Voucher Policy is effective as of May 30, 2022.