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3 quick and easy recipes

2024. 02. 07.

Discover with us how you can make tasty and nutritious meals in just a few minutes! Whether it's a quick breakfast, a nutritious lunch or an indulgent dinner, we prove that a healthy meal can be fast.

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Gastro Valentine's Day

2024. 02. 05.

Discover with us how you can turn Valentine's Day into a gastronomic adventure! If you and your partner both like to be active in the kitchen, then February 14 should be a gastronomic Valentine's Day for you!

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Steps of canning tomatoes

2024. 02. 02.

Steps of canning tomatoes at home. The popularity of canned tomatoes is unbroken, not only among grandparents, but also among young people! The steps for canning tomatoes follow the GAMMO way!

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All about steam dumplings

2024. 01. 31.

Let's get straight to the point: this post is about the Gassner steam dumpling steamer, the kitchen wonder weapon that takes steam dumpling preparation to a new level! Immerse yourself in the creative and versatile world of steam dumplings with us!

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Traditional recipes in a modern way

2024. 01. 26.

Do you like classic flavors, but are you looking for modern tricks? Discover how you can make traditional recipes crazy with unconventional ideas! Get ready for a tasty adventure where old favorites are modernized!

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FOCACCIA sandwich bread, with recipe video

2024. 01. 25.

Mediterranean flavors, regardless of the season!

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We tried it: REENCLE home composter

2023. 11. 01.

We compared the brand new REENCLE composter to a similar machine from SAGE and other outdoor/indoor composting methods. The machine is not cheap - is it worth the price?

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Our year-end opening hours and work schedule

2023. 11. 22.

Important info about processing orders in the end of year rush 

In the following, we summarize how we process orders placed towards the end of the year.

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What is blanching and how to do it?

2022. 04. 12.

We know it, we hear about it, but we don't know everything about it. Let's learn what blanching means.

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Making Hungarian fish soup like you've never seen it before!

2016. 11. 14.

Fish soup is well-known on all continents of the world, both in Europe and Hungary. The seasoning is different, but the kitchen tools used are the same. We selected from our machines!

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Making plant-based milk at home with Vegan Milker

2023. 05. 30.

Due to the growing popularity of plant-based milks, many people now want to make plant-based drinks at home. But is that possible? Is it worth making vegetable milk at home? That's what we're after!

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Confit: how and why to do it?

2022. 09. 14.

Learn the sophisticated technique of French cuisine through confit. But what exactly does this mean? Our article reveals!

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