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ARISCO GGL604 gas lava char grill 600 series

Manufacturer: ARISCO • Article number: GGL604

In stock: 1 pc

Expected delivery: Monday • 2023.06.12.

748,80 EUR504,00 EUR420,00 EUR + VAT

Warranty: 1 year • Country of origin: N/A • TARIC code: 84198180

Product description

ARISCO GGL604 gas lava char grill 600 series

Gas-powered table top lava char grill for use in commercial kitchens. Equipped with piezzo and security lock (If the flame goes out, gas are cutted off).

With lava stone
Removable fat container
Stainless steel body and panelling

Gas devices to be used only with liquid gas!

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- Pressure regulator set for use from LPG Gas



400 mm


600 mm


265 mm

Net weight

25.3 kg


4800 W

Gas power

4800 W

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