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GAMMO solid ice cube maker 24 kg/24h

Manufacturer: GAMMO EUROPE • Article number: FD-40A

Industrial ice cube making machine for continuous use. An excellent choice for making square and solid ice cubes. The device is easy to use and maintain.

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Warranty (companies and organizations): 1 year •Warranty (consumers): 3 year • Country of origin: N/A • TARIC code: 84185090

Product description

GAMMO ice cube machine 24 kg/24 h

Reliable industrial ice cube machine with air-cooled compressor. Excellent for the continuous production of solid, square ice cubes.
The compact ice machine is made with a stainless steel cover, the heat-insulated internal storage can hold up to 15 kg of ready-made ice cubes! The container is equipped with a level indicator: as soon as the tank is full, ice production stops - as soon as the amount of ice cubes decreases, the ice machine starts production automatically.
The transparent ice cubes are suitable for cooling various drinks, cocktails, soft drinks, lemonades and other liquids.
We recommend it to restaurants, bars, catering companies, and other catering establishments.

Capacity: up to 24 kg of ice cubes/day
Storage capacity: 15 kg
Ice cube shape: angular, partially solid, transparent
Ice cube dimensions: 22x22x22 mm
Stainless steel cover and door
Size that can be placed under the counter
Overload protection
Thermally insulated and hygienic ice storage container
Air-cooled version (we recommend a well-ventilated place with no high temperature)
Zanussi compressor
Refrigerant: R134a
IMPORTANT! The device produces partially solid (70-80%), slightly trapezoidal ice cubes (see photo gallery).
It may happen that the finished ice slides into the storage in one piece. In this case, the ice can be easily cut, even with the Ice Shovel recommended below.

Package contains the pipes and electric cable necessary for installation!

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Power input

350 W

Electrical connection

230/50 V/Hz


24 kg/day


500 mm


500 mm


800 mm

Net weight

28 kg

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