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JUPITER grain mill attachment with stone grinder

Manufacturer: JUPITER • Article number: 862241

In stock: 8 pc

Expected delivery: Thursday • 2024.06.27.

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Warranty (companies and organizations): 1 year •Warranty (consumers): 2 year • Country of origin: Germany • TARIC code: 85099000

Product description

JUPITER grain mill attachment with stone grinder

Original German product for those who want to grind flour at home!

Perfectly suitable for grinding and crushing grains such as wheat, rye, spelt, emmer wheat, millet, oats, barley, or spices like mustard seeds.
Not suitable for corn, rice, or oil seeds.
The size of the grain is adjustable during the usage.
Capacity of grinding: 45g/sec in case of fine grinding, 80g/sec in case of rough grinding
Capacity of feeder funel: 600g
Naxos Basalt millstones

To be used only with:
- Jupiter drive unit



100 mm


150 mm


135 mm

Net weight

1.1 kg

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