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VITO deep fryer cleaner tablet

Manufacturer: VITO • Article number: 100935_15

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Warranty (companies and organizations): 1 year •Warranty (consumers): 1 year • Country of origin: Germany • TARIC code: 34029010

Product description

VITO deep fryer tablets

Professional cleaning agent for professional stainless steel deep fryers. 
With it's help, stuborn deposits, burnt fats can be easily removed, and it will make your deep fryer clean and hygienic. 

- drain the used oil and fill the deep fryer with water to the max. level
- add 1 cleaning tablet to 6-15 L of water, insert the frying basket and heat to 80-90°C 
- let it steam at 80-90°C for aprox. 15-20 minutes 
- for larger deep fryers (15-25L) use 2 cleaning tablets! 
- if the basket is clean, turn off the steaming - if not, continue to simmer with the detergent solution 
- at the end of the complete dissolution of the deposits, drain the detergent solution and thoroughly rinse (at least 3 times) the basket, heating elements and shaft 

ONLY USABLE in deep fryers made entirelly of stainless steel! 
DO NOT USE in domestic or aluminium deep fryers!



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