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Steps of canning tomatoes

2024. 02. 02.

Steps of canning tomatoes

Canning tomatoes

Canning tomatoes stands out among the kitchen trends of recent years. More and more people are canning tomatoes at home. But there is nothing surprising in this, if we consider that home-made flavors surpass everything. Not to mention how much easier it is to know exactly how the canned tomatoes were made. After all, you put the ingredients in yourself. That way, you know exactly that it does not contain any additives that you would prefer to avoid.

The canning process is passed down from generation to generation in many families. Grandma's recipe usually works well. The younger generations, on the other hand, often like to rethink the old recipe.


Canning tomatoes without preservatives

If we have already mentioned the ingredients that are usually not needed when making it at home, it is worth highlighting: preserving tomatoes is definitely not necessary. If you do it right, all the bottles in the pantry will last a long time and won't spoil.

So let's see the steps of canning tomatoes the GAMMO way!


Steps of canning tomatoes


The amounts below are enough to can about 5 liters of tomato sauce.

  • 7-8 kg of tomatoes
  • 3-4 tablespoons of salt


And what else you will definitely need:

  • tomato strainer
  • 10 half-liter or 5-liter canning jars
  • pot
  • quilts, blankets, plaids (to cover up)



Step 1

Wash the tomatoes thoroughly, even several times! Peel them, cut out the damaged parts and the green part around the stem! Set aside one and a half kilos of the most beautiful pieces!

Step 2

With a completely clean (preferably new) dish sponge, use vinegar water to wash all the tools you will be using: pots, spoons, knives, and of course the strainer and mason jars too! Finally, wash your hands!

Step 3

Cut the tomatoes in half. Place it in the pot and push it apart! After the first kilo, set the pot on fire, then proceed with each kilo: always add another kilo to the tomatoes that are heating up.

Step 4

Keep the mass at a high temperature and stir constantly! When it starts to boil, reduce the temperature! After that, you don't need to stir constantly, but do stir occasionally! Cook like this for 30-40 minutes!

Step 5

Straining may follow! After the straining put it back on the fire for another 50-70 minutes! (Here you can control the density by how long you cook it.)

Step 6

Put the canning jars upside down in the baking tray! Put it in the oven and heat it to 120-130°C! When the oven has heated up to this temperature, wait 8-10 minutes and then close it! But leave the bottles in it!

Step 7

As soon as the tomato juice has reached the desired thickness, add the salt and the set aside whole tomatoes!

Step 8

You can now take the preserve jars out of the oven. Be careful: the bottles are hot! Pour the whole tomatoes into the jars.

Step 9

Pour the tomato paste into the jars as well!

Step 10

Now comes the part where all your strength will be needed! The lids of the bottles must be wrapped as tightly as possible! This step is crucial because if the lid doesn't close well, the jam will spoil!

Step 11

Place the bottles between quilts, blankets, and plaids and cover them well! For at least 24 hours. Then put the bottles in the pantry and you're done.

Bon appetite!


As you can see, canning tomatoes is not particularly complicated, but you have to pay attention to every step! If you do a good job, you'll have divine tomato sauces lined up in your pantry that will last a long time!

You can take them out anytime if you want something Italian or tomato-based!


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